Alpha Team Space Command

Guardians of the High Frontier


Bottom line up front: We are the best, most active (see our ATSC Discord Server) and fastest growing military based PMC in Star Citizen; equipped with multiple capital class ships!

We are the best military based Organization in the ‘verse, since we are actually led by a real military officer! We are an aspiring group always looking for supportive and positive players to fill our ranks! Alpha Team Space Command (ATSC) specializes in freelancing and security. For freelancing, each of our members have the right to play on their own and make their own money, resources, etc. But when a member needs help, they can call up ATSC support and we will dispatch assistance as needed! On the security side, Headquarters ATSC (HQ ATSC) will bid on, apply for, be hired for, or otherwise create and/or manage applicable security operations independently of members. Then when ATSC is contracted or deployed in some manner to complete a security job, we will advertise that to our members via our Spectrum Page in order to build a fighting force. It is completely up to each member if they wish to take part in any mission.

But overall, the ATSC is about doing what you want, but having the support when you need it! It doesn’t matter if you play one hour a week, or 8 hours a day, you would be a valuable member of our PMC!


If you are a member of a different organization, no problem! Join us so we can build a relationship between us so that we can prosper together! We can provide mutually beneficial support and services. On our side, the ATSC can protect transports and cargo, eliminate or capture High Value Targets (HVTs) and/or High Value Individuals (HVIs) as the law permits, provide defense of specific locations or persons, conduct Search & Rescue operations, and more! For more information, please contact the ATSC directly.


We need new recruits to fill our ranks! As such, we are constantly looking for new and active members to make up our PMC. In Star Citizen, there is safety in numbers, so recruiting is very important. We want every member to feel welcomed and want to stay, so we aren’t here to make your life harder if you join us. If you decide to join, you will have a reliable and respectable team behind you wherever your journey in the ‘verse takes you, so don’t worry about egotistical clan representatives or the like!

We aim to provide support to not only our own members, but the ‘verse as well. Need back-up for a mission? Just call in support! Someone stole your ship at Security Station Kareah while you were performing guard duty? Just request an evac! Need a ship? We will spawn you one! Want to find the best weapons, armor, and ship upgrades? Just say so and we will put together a scouting party! Want to freelance and do your own thing? Good luck! You get the picture here, play however you want, and get rewarded for it!

Additionally, for people looking to trade or find new resources, jump on board! We want to organize scouting parties to look for and secure new areas with high end and rare loot! We will also organize trading routes for our members to utiliize in order to take advantage of the market! The more we get, the stronger we can make our fleet and distribute the wealth to all members!

When further updates are released, we are going to stand up an organization bank where we can pool and share resources, that way members who don’t find loot for awhile wont feel discouraged or fall behind. We also want to build powerful bases all across the ‘verse in order to establish safe trade routes and bring the fight closer to our enemies. To do this we are aiming our sights at owning our very own Bengal-Class Carrier (if that’s even possible, if not we will get something else), but that will take time and resources so the more people that join us the faster we can get there! Bottom line: we want to look after our own and become one of the leading security organizations in Star Citizen!





ATSC will become one of the most professional and self sustaining organizations in Star Citizen. We want to secure humanity’s expansion and dominance by providing the best security possible to allied operations. We will go where no other PMC would dare to go, we will operate in both safe and unsafe areas and bring pain to any pirate or criminal that stands in our way. We want to explore and protect new areas, and even set up bases all around the ‘verse to expand our influence. In time, we will rise through the ranks as one of the top organizations in the ‘verse! We want to find new systems, technology, and ships as they are released, as well as obtain the best military equipment we can find. As we grow in strength, we will be able to issue out weapons and equipment to new players to help them get started through our Armory. But we can’t do any of this without a readily trained fighting force, so if you are new, feel free to join and we will help you get familiar with the game!

We also aim to protect our own, as well as other innocent vessels from pirate or criminal attacks. It’s dangerous out there so we need to look out for each other!

Our last major point is that we want to become the most technologically advanced PMC that Star Citizen has ever seen. To do so, we need your help! Unlike other organizations, we will have active members who will be ready to go on missions and help the group succeed. Other organizations advertise 24/7 capabilities but lack of activity is evident. Please join us to make this dream a reality!



The first thing we want to say is that we aren’t here to boss you around and tell you how to have fun. You are free to do what you want, we specialize in freelancing after all! We have a command structure to help keep things more organized and keep us operationally ready. The only time we would ask that you listen to higher ranking individuals is if we are conducting a more organized operation of some kind, where obviously command and control is necessary. But the thing is, you don’t have to be involved in that if you don’t want to be, it’s completely up to you! If you would rather go exploring, then feel free to use our Spectrum, Discord, etc. to contact other members and set something up if you want! If you need help, just ask and we can set something up for you! More information about our Roles, Ranks, and Structure is located here.


We also have a proven command structure that will allow us to have the proper amounts of command and control for official ATSC missions. It allows us to have centralized control, but decentralized execution. This is one of our master tenets, and allows us to provide theater-wide focus while allowing operational flexibility to meet objectives. What this means is, you will be a part of an organized mission without being micromanaged at the tactical level!

This is all possible through our Major Commands, or MAJCOMs for short. MAJCOMs are strategic echelons directly under HQ ATSC that provide operational leadership and supervision for specific mission-sets. For example, the Air and Space Materiel Command, or ASMC for short, is responsible for resource collection (such as mining and salvaging), as well has providing theater-wide hospital based medical support and more! Each MAJCOM has a specific mission-set and are considered the experts for the missions in which they are assigned. But if you aren’t sure what you want to do, or just want full ATSC benefits without joining a MAJCOM with a single focus, then we have the ATSC Reserve Component that would fit you perfectly!

The Alpha Force Reserve Command, or AFRC for short, is the MAJCOM that all our reserve forces fall under. However, as an ATSC reservist, you are essentially a protected freelancer. You are free to play the game however you want, and you will not be forced into any specific mission. If you are called to Active Duty, you will have the choice to accept or deny that mission request. There will be no repercussions for denying the call to Active Duty, but there will be incentives for you to accept the missions that you might miss out on. More details about this system are located on the ATSC Spectrum Page.


An Alpha Force Specialty Code (AFSC) symbolizes an actual job, such as a Squadron Leader or a MAJCOM Commander. In order to hold a certain AFSC, Guardians will need the appropriate rank. For example, to be a Squadron Leader, a Guardian must at least a Captain in rank… but not all Captains will hold a Squadron Leader position. Our ranks are listed below:


We wanted to be clear, as RSI only gives us the option to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to role-playing. ATSC is not inherently a Role-Playing organization, however, we wont stop you if you want to role-play! So long as it is tasteful, fun, and not illegal!




As time goes on, the Commander (Alpha-Wing) will update this page accordingly. Please contact him with any questions you may have, or check out his profile to learn more about him. We hope you will join us and become a Guardian of the High Frontier, thank you for checking out our page, and good luck out in the ‘verse!


Court Martial? Below are our links to the Uniform Code of Alpha Justice.


Click the link of your choice to learn more about the MAJCOM!


August 10th, 2017 - Website is born

July 1st, 2017 - Project Black Orbit is initiated

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